stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



walking by

who cares who cares who cares I mean even if someone says something it's not like she knows the whole situation maybe like we were talking about it before they can't know it's not like I said something wrong but no like I gave the wrong example it's just I can't stop thinking about him and like I'm all the time wishing he was in my life when he's not and well maybe sometimes but sometimes is not enough they don't know what was going on, relax, she'd be the one standing in the wrong place. and who cares about her? who cares about me? will he care? no. it'll be fine. it's gonna be okay.

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three months and no money

it's not me
it's you
actually it might only be

even if I'm trying too hard
to push the blame on you

it was me
who fell
and now

it doesn't mean I've forgiven her
it doesn't mean I'm not hurt

I'm really really really hurt I hope you know

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the one and only: angel

'I have a friend
who says you're an angel'
I told him
and he laughed

like I didn't think he was an angel too
maybe I am lying, I thought
maybe I'm the one who thinks he's an angel, I thought
he probably is, I thought
where is he when I want him the most?
back home, probably
my friends say I should forget about it
but seriously I can't I can't I can't
I know alcohol is not your thing
but maybe it'll get you in the mood to kiss me
I'm really drunk and maybe this could be my chance
but knowing what you feel is like getting blood out of a stone

I wanted to tell him he's an angel
and he's seriously pretty when he smiles

his eyes were dead when I told him I loved him

now they're dark blue
like they've always been
dark blue, wow
who has those eyes apart from you?
'my eyes may be amazing but
yours are nothing special and I still love them'
he said

'you're special'
he said

so are you, angel, I thought.
you were from the start, angel, I thought.
never stop smiling, angel, I thought.
please never stop brightening my days, angel, I thought.

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how is it possible
I only write about
the same four people
when everyone around me
is so intriguing?
I wish I could write as much
as I write about 
the kiss you never gave me
about things like spring
or my favorite song
or England
but then all of those little strings
are connected to a major vessel
which always
ends up in the same heart

I wished something
caught my attention a bit more
became a little bit more relevant every day
I swear I try; it just never applies

maybe I'm dead inside


not in here

remember when
I told you
you couldn't smoke in bed
and you just laughed

I pushed you out of the bed
and as you closed the door I fell asleep

I woke up 
like I always did
in the darkness, by nightmares
and you were just there lying on your back
one hand searching for mine

then I remember I closed the door
and sat on the floor of our new living room
we had no curtains because we had just moved in
but the moon was so beautiful I sat there to contemplate

I let my anxiety take over me
I let my worries take over me
I let everything you're not
take over me

then I heard your footsteps
and you stopped just far for me to turn and find you there standing
with a glass of water dangling from your hand
you asked if I was fine

I said yes
but you sat by my side
and we talked about life 
and maybe it was that

that confirmed
I loved you
even when I was at my worse
you were there

even when you smoke in bed
or didn't take out the trash
you would interrupt your sleep
to stay with me

when there was no one before



kill the messenger

oh my god it hurts like hell
I had that dream again
where I was lost for good in outer space

tell me doctor
how to shake
a waking nightmare that is only worse
when I am sleeping

kill the messenger
I swear it's not me
it's just someone I used to know
and get to church cause you're a good girl

(but I never told you that)

underneath it all
could be the thing that keeps us both
locked up here forever

I'm gonna send a little rain
Your way


I have insomnia again and I'll name my headaches after you

I have insomnia again
well I've been having insomnia for like 
three months now
and maybe it's fear

I can't face an entire week
I just can't go straight through
and I have the lowest self esteem
I eat more than I should

I know, I didn't want to admit it
but I am depressed
I'm on the verge of tears

sometimes I get drunk on my own
see if I can forget you
but the only thing I get
is a headache the next day

and of course and empty bed
don't forget to remind I can't call you
even if we are supposed to be friends
but I'm so stuck with my loneliness

I can't believe you broke me like this
I thought it would be a children's play
add all of this to the september stress
it's far too late

I've been hearing songs about California
and songs about not sleeping
my head splits 
my neck hurts

please let me be okay
things were supposed to work by now
I was supposed to be happy by now!
what became of the dreamer I used to be?

I just want to sleep



maybe I remember you

I remember when it stung
when watching the pictures hurt
it was back then I remember
I missed you so much

and it was like yesterday
I could touch your hair
and now the only images
are stored in my head

and now even then
when I see you there just standing
it somewhat hurts

one year is a long time
two years is a long time
and six years is a very, very long time

maybe your perfume is gone
and I've simply forgotten what was your favourite colour

maybe six years didn't make me strong
they made me numb
I forgot what missing you, touching you
kissing you and even remembering you was like

and maybe not remembering how to feel is the best thing
because if I ever remember
it will hurt

     I just hope I don't

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teenage anxiety late-night lullaby

go to sleep
tangled in between the dreams
and the surreal
of the sheets

go to sleep
and forget the heavy heart
is chasing you
let it rest; let yourself rest

give your breath a chance to settle
become less aware of your nose or freckles
and make your dreams lucid
like little stars behind your eyelids

go to sleep
and dream about bears and snowy mountains
of fall, rain or Prague
actually dream about whatever you want

whatever will take your head away

go to sleep
and hop off the carousel
your world won't end
if you shut it down
for a while

maybe after a long night
your chest will rise
blood will pump
and everything will be alright

or maybe it won't
but at least
you have enough strength
to carry on

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lunch break

'have you noticed
that things aren't 
like they were before?'

'what do you mean?'

'these friendships-
  are they real?
I haven't seen them happening
          where does this love come from?'

things changed
but we stayed static.
     like always'

'what if we did change?'

'then we grew up.'

     'we grew cold.'

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one-hundred and eighty

you've got those
horrible t shirts
and that tired 
hollow smirk

you embarrass yourself
all the time
you say things without
thinking about consequences and such

and you just

that is what makes
my complement
my only one

and I can't help but love
your terrible
sense of fashion
and that lousy smile

but what I love more
is the one you have 
when I make you laugh
every night

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stop winking

I began writing a letter
to you
about the story
of how I hated the glass between us

but the paper slipped and
the ink run off
maybe it was a sign
that I had nothing to say

I incessantly have the need
of reassuring myself
with knowing
what's happening

and the thing with you is
I have no idea
what is happening
between us

I can't live without symmetry
or order
and your edges are smudged
and you're a complete mess

but you're

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we were dead before the ship even sank

because even
if there are many possibilities
I was convinced (deep inside)
that we would not coincide

and we did
we always do

we are

want it or not
but we're going

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tiffany blews

not the girl I was
the girl I am
is just venting, venting

dear gravity
you held me down
in this

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train back home

unintentionally self conscious

and you
and you
and you 
are not
h e l p i n g

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let loose

why would the fuck
about me

if I leave
am I not supposed
to be free?

call me an idiot
or call me your savior
but I think life is worth the living

and I
wait till you let
the leash

and then maybe I'll run
back down
to where
my heart
it belongs

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fuck literature





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I never thought
that when I lined up this moring
and sat down with the ghost by my side
it would be so lonely
to see all my friends leave me
and even when I turned
even when I tried
there was no answer
no one was waiting for me
and I took a deep breath because
I knew it was going to pass
I don't want to wait
I just don't really want to go back again
if this is insistent
maybe it's just a cycle
but we know they are like that
we can't help but thing
we deserve what we have
and there's nothing more than contempt
in the end

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logan to government center

you are a blue-eyed lightning bolt
I'm a national phenomenon
nothing's aboslutely definite
till it's absolutely, definitely gone





life is not a beautiful beach
or a perfect wave
maybe life is just 
the hot sand under my soles

it burns like hell
stings and leaves scars
I tried to run from it but got burnt

and in the end,
when dawn came
and I sat down by salty splashes,
it was the most reassuring

to a long day

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I've never been in love
if I happen to be
I hope it's with you

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there are hosts in here tonight
none of which I like
they hear inside my head
like the madness in disguise

even if I'm told to be
stronger than I seem
I'm just broken
I'm just broken... and on my own.

buried by my secrets
carry it like a loan
I'm scared of confinement
and of being alone

even when I'm forced to bend
I break out of the seams
I'm not able
I'm not able... of control

all this water
all this things
they keep freezing
drowning me

all my mistakes
seem to be
taking measures
just to break

what's inside of me
or what's left
or what't left
of my sanity

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and I call her on the phone
she asks me how I have been
so far
like 'how are you, emotionally?'

and outside the sun sets
I look out the window and sigh
'yeah, I'm okay'

'I'm just a little stressed'

but how can I say

I'm not okay
I'm worse than before
I think I'm losing everything
leaving it all

no, I don't think I'm okay
but maybe it's me in a cage
it's just the mere perception
I hang onto

like maybe it's just a phase
or a feeling
but I can't wash it away

and oh yeah by the way
I'm not sleeping well
I'm having nightmares again

'I guess
I'm just stressed,
but the rest
is well'

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lacey lacey lacey
just tie down whatever you are thinking
and simply put yourself down to earth
you can do this

lacey lacey lacey
you may want this more than anyone
and I can assure you
I feel the same

what do I get
for all this loving
fly around the world
and find nothing

always slipping from my hands
lacey come back

where are you
dearest poet
dearest preacher
dearest dearest dearest

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inside the school bag

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god I can't sleep
like seriously
I'm going
and it's just not
for me

yesterday I walked for miles
until I thought it was time to make myself in
and I drank way too much coffee

   all because
    were going to be there

I noticed we bare ly ta lk e d
I took pictures of you
that now I can't bare to look at

sure thing I shouldn't blame insomnia on you
  but it's so unsettling
  so upsetting
just like you

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I wished he watched me while I made things
things like thinking or drawing on my arms
I wished he noticed me when I laugh or when I try to smile
because I know he likes to see me like that

but the more I think about
him watching me
the more empty I become
those eyes are gone

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