I have insomnia again and I'll name my headaches after you

I have insomnia again
well I've been having insomnia for like 
three months now
and maybe it's fear

I can't face an entire week
I just can't go straight through
and I have the lowest self esteem
I eat more than I should

I know, I didn't want to admit it
but I am depressed
I'm on the verge of tears

sometimes I get drunk on my own
see if I can forget you
but the only thing I get
is a headache the next day

and of course and empty bed
don't forget to remind I can't call you
even if we are supposed to be friends
but I'm so stuck with my loneliness

I can't believe you broke me like this
I thought it would be a children's play
add all of this to the september stress
it's far too late

I've been hearing songs about California
and songs about not sleeping
my head splits 
my neck hurts

please let me be okay
things were supposed to work by now
I was supposed to be happy by now!
what became of the dreamer I used to be?

I just want to sleep