the strength

this moon is such a drag;
it has limited the amount time i think about myself
if i open my eyes i can't see clearly
if i open my eyes, are you there?

all in spite i still believe
whatever came back and whatever will rush me forward
must be a message of where i should
lay my head and rest

has been aching and now i have
some really, really bad cramps in my legs
i ran away again,
but this time i was trying to chase you

instead you tripped, fell
i continued running and now i'm here
short of breath

but alive

not the prayers

do you know how hard it was? how hard it has been? like a shipwreck. i had to find compliance in things i thought buried. i wasn't really sure of what i was doing most of the time, trying to check your timespans and timelines in the hopes that i could catch a glimpse of you watching me. but most times i just got tired and it was useless, for messages sent were answered but not the prayers. not the prayers. an empty stomach followed a headache and i guess this is time for me to find a way out of the life that has been dragging me into this.