stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



wail (romance and sound)

i miss my baby
i miss my love
my darling handsome boy

i miss my baby
i miss the choice
i miss the waking up
in bathroom stalls

i miss the blankness
the rumour
counting sheep
in empty bathtubs

i miss holding the hand
i miss the sounds
i miss my baby
i miss my love
i miss whatever it is
  i never will let it die




i wanna reactivate my strength
he said i was some sort of gift
the universe has been kinder to strangers
and strange as it seems i'm falling apart for it
whoever might have shuffled the cards and
gave me, facing down
the sour sentiment of doom
i must appreciate that because
now i have slit my wrist and
they have not bled.

i might ever catch a glimpse of your boy shorts running down the street
and the backpacker backpack backpacking
the burden you carry
that can be seen from afar

the train station is not far
if you want to run


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