stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"




head rests on a chest
rises, unaware
unknown to man are still the depths.
with calm, now and again i explain
the meaningfulness of whales
how they recycle and cycle through time and space
their innate and immense ability to disperse

through time and sound i will collide
with species and humans alike
someone with soundness will understand
in its true light the meaning of the hug;

for one second awake i will childishly admit
that i am again in love with me,
how the fate has come into my hands
and molded itself right
into the shape of a body
i can now touch.




the summer is coming to a common end
it began, so i remember
while i was away from harm
in broken arms
in paradise, a promised land

i took a bus and
the sun setting chased away my fears
i was so tired when we began;
i am so tired now that the summer's ending

even when the sea is within me
even when your skin collates mine
when i'm nowhere but where i wish i'd be

the blood turns black and the mist follows,
a foggy dream unwound
a true nature unfolds in terraces we don't know of
and i say

the river and its sediments
will follow us wherever we go
it's just a matter of listening,
the heat will always be within


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