stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



hello welcome


the feed

does the internet know how it hurts?
can't it count on how many of my followers have cried at night?
sometimes it seems to know.
it kinda only shows me
what i want to believe in
spoon fed reality (but i
i really needed that.)

you can't block out whatever hunts you
but you can close your doors and shut your phone
it's more like blacking out into light, i guess
nobody will miss me if i'm gone,

nobody will know if i'm gone
i could stray away
into daylight
and i wouldn't be lost.



time travellers

so how could i ever wish you wrong
if the only times i sleep are when
i can stop thinking about you?
i guess i would want you gone but not from this dimension
it's all yours, i appreciate the efforts
mostly out of my space and universe
shift my attention
towards something greater than me,
maybe moons, stars,
not your lips or your comebacks...

   however i still hope
   your plane gets delayed
   and you never come back.

i hope your misery plans
ring true
and you travel the world
because i don't even think
your soul
could follow you.


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