stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



teen idle

I wish I've been I wish I've been a teen teen idle
I wish I'd been a prom queen,
fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
feeling super super

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november credits

I'm already so used to
not thinking 
that I'm really scared
of writing again

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I think about the people who hurt me
I name them all
I name their faults

and then I cry, sometimes
but what's for sure is that
no matter how much hurt I feel
I always find a way through which

I break apart myself
pulling the little strings at the seams
telling myself that I'm an idiot
and that it's always my fault

it is then
just like everyone else
that I discover
the one who hurts me the most

is me
and only me

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threads of memory

envy is on the lips
which are set upon yours
while my mouth gets dryer and dryer

haste is on the lips
set upon mine
which are
by no means

as promising as yours

yet we both get our distractions
and while you're able to forget
I ache at the very thought
oh if I only could break

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come to me
just in a dream.
come on and rescue me.
yes I know
I can be wrong

maybe I'm too headstrong.
our love is


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wished it happened

weird isn't it
we are both so unlucky



dead end

I'm looking for a dead end song
you wish that smoke
could change its color
I love it when you talk so much
and act like nothing went wrong 

I'm looking for a dead end song
while we sit and find flaws in everyone
I want to keep you by my side
holding off tidal waves

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like you did to me

if only you knew
I'm the person behind
the curtain
which does not
let you win
at all

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justify and expand

and even if we pick up little fights all the time
and most our friends hate them
I love them because
it proves
you still
too much
about me

so you need
to let me know
you are
superior to me

and make me aware
about the fact that you
are stronger than me

when truth is

I love you fierce
and I love you competitive
because it reminds me
that you pay attention to what I do
and examine every detail
to prove me wrong
which means

and you can't win this argument at all.

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when I leave, will you miss me?

we're in contact
we're in contac
we're in conta
we're in cont
we're in con
we're in co
we're in c
we're in
we're i
when I
when I l
when I le
when I lea
when I leav
when I leave
when I leave y
when I leave yo
when I leave you

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