stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"




what? you think i'm scared? well, no, i guess i'm not scared i guess it's just moving-
that suddenly life works like the railways and goes back and forth
carrying everyone i had sworn to leave behind
except for the two times i though i had seen the doors close...

no, i don't think i'd call it fear,
fear doesn't keep you moving this long
without killing something out of you:
what has died and lost its cause?

   they have been saying
   i should ask for forgiveness
  for advice (and take it)

well the universe... it's wise
believe me i know what i am saying
i have seen infinity beyond my eyes



records to listen to at three am without killing yourself in between

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don’t you feel that sometimes words pour out like wounds?
maybe i am, who knows.
maybe i am bleeding.
but this year this time has been particular
for a lack of blood
and the thirst for it
i can’t seem to bleed enough—
this might be fine.

i can’t be happy all the time.
i guess some day i will be fine.


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