stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"




when he says i deserve more
what does it mean?
who do i deserve?

why does it always feel
like the ones that reach through my chest
only want to leave?




how can't i miss you?
how can i evade the wind?
how come my shoes are wet and i lost my keys
for not caring
but i can't stop caring for you?
when the thrill left i
thought i'd do the same,
for it meant nothing
but it was always the world
and the word
and how we sung in the cavity
of each other's chest.
how could i ever begin to forget
how the embrace felt
when someone approaches
and leaves as they came?
will we ever find
the ones that fit,
and remember how we once did?
am i supposed
to chase you
to the ends of the world 
until you find comfort from your head?

or will i wait,
for you to regain
the strength i never knew
and the person i thought you were
could finally be true?




someone's been stirring my wheels
i have not been sailin these seas
and i have no idea of how i got here.
maybe we became the tide that
had to drift or
was it the wind?
those are days of gold that
i can only recall
when my skin shivers
or when someone shares your touch,
other than that
with you i'm at a loss.
but not with the winds,
oh no,
ever so soft and warm,
they'll pull me from you,
we'll break apart...




i saw a picture and
all i got were ribcages,
bones and more blood.
she said i had a problem
with how the body relates to me.
i guess it's living it's own stories
and tries to understand how everything works.
i see the anti-natural side of life
in my own veins
and at the same time i bare my teeth
and seek for bones
and blood, just blood.
maybe i'm violent inside,
or maybe just eager to
dive inside someone else's




yes, sure, i'm in love. i'm in love with a city that tastes like almonds and rotting leaves. i'm in love with the salt that flows silently and merges with the lavender and mint hills where all streets are set to be adventures. the city with the corners bent like my will, curling its toes to see right above god's mighty creations; where everything is just a twenty minute walk away. a city so small that could break my heart within minutes with its forged iron balconies and strange architectures. and suffering, boy has it cried and cried into the mediterranean and has it seen defeat but it hasn't stopped her from flourishing and being the beauty that now stands in front of me. it takes my breath away each day and each night. yes, i am in love. i can't help it.


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