stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"




say yes you know
you wanna go slow
say yes you know
don't break me down
say yes you know
you'll keep me safe
say yes you know
you can't fight
pitch black
pitch black
say yes you know
and you won't leave me alone

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another round for the boys

feels like the blacking out act
of my own skin
is my safest choice in this war

for no reason i'm bound to cry
i'm losing for someone's touch
i'm losing myself for demons unhatched

will i drown inside
the pains in my chest?
will i relieve the trust in this old bed?

can i afford to break apart,
when the top of my life
doesn't seem so far?

tell me cause i'm
and nothing is stopping me now

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time and again

i'll fall for you
time and again
my chest aches
i ignore the pain
my best is in the little
flashing, never ending
trails of looks
inside my head i'm screaming your name
nothing was supposed to happen
but i guess i'll keep this safe
i can't ruin this
time and again



i'll send you tears in the mailbox

i fall in love too easily
i fall in love too fast
i fall in love too terribly hard
for love to ever last
my heart should be well-schooled
cause I been fooled in the past
but still I fall in love too easily
i fall in love too fast


am i making this up?

i wish you had
sent me at least
(at least)
a short notice
so i wouldn't have
given up
on the only one book i do love


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