stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



merry fucking christmas




untitled #1

I go deep into the sea
wishing for it to take my agony away
but the water is so cold
I'm... I'm alive again



simple math

it is very hard
to grow up
with an anchor
holding you back

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no.1 party anthem

it's not like I'm falling in love
I just want you
to do me no good
and you look like you could



the daughter of the ocean

I wish I was the daughter of the ocean
I wish I was the freedom itself
within violence and calm and rest
I could be all those things

I wish I was the daughter of the ocean
so I could swim freely among clouds
so I could easily spill through
every rock and every mouth

there's still only one reason
why I wish I could be born to the ocean
so I could escape
and run away and no one

will ever catch me

and I could be strong enough
to destroy people's lives
and still be the thing you need
to have to continue your life
as it is

if I was the daughter of the ocean I could be invincible
I could be everywhere I want to
I could be next to you,

if I was the daughter of the ocean
I could break seams
break out of molds and containers and hold ships
have no ends at all

I could be anything I would crave to be
a lake, a drop, a cloud, a wave.

the possibilities could be never ending
and the places
oh, the places! 
I could go

I'm just amazed to think
I could be the calm, warm sea of Ibiza
and the violent, raw Antartic Ocean

and now I look and I thing
I am the daughter of the ocean
for one simple reason

I myself
I am infinite

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