the one and only: angel

'I have a friend
who says you're an angel'
I told him
and he laughed

like I didn't think he was an angel too
maybe I am lying, I thought
maybe I'm the one who thinks he's an angel, I thought
he probably is, I thought
where is he when I want him the most?
back home, probably
my friends say I should forget about it
but seriously I can't I can't I can't
I know alcohol is not your thing
but maybe it'll get you in the mood to kiss me
I'm really drunk and maybe this could be my chance
but knowing what you feel is like getting blood out of a stone

I wanted to tell him he's an angel
and he's seriously pretty when he smiles

his eyes were dead when I told him I loved him

now they're dark blue
like they've always been
dark blue, wow
who has those eyes apart from you?
'my eyes may be amazing but
yours are nothing special and I still love them'
he said

'you're special'
he said

so are you, angel, I thought.
you were from the start, angel, I thought.
never stop smiling, angel, I thought.
please never stop brightening my days, angel, I thought.