stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



the thrill of the chase

chase me under street lights
all the way to downtown manhattan
then wash me clean under the covers.
control the only part of your life you have left;
give into power for one secret left unsaid
unravel the mysteries of being no one for a day.
post-it notes make up for break ups
and then they're lost in the wind.
try to make a phone call and fail,
try to change and never let me win.
more than twice the clock has sung,
even more times the streets have cracked
the bus and its flat tire
blister me up and i can't be tired
i could never wake up to nothing,
i admit i can be cynical in your worst nightmares
but there's only a facade of pills and blankets
only to mask up what was lost in central park's snow.
we've not been the same and that won't derail us,
i hope you don't stay and sulk.
i've heard your singing voice and shaky knees say my name
and even then i never felt more alone.
follow me down to the river where no one will know us
and then we'll sleep in the subway seats.
follow me down to wherever i like,
but never, never let me in.

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