seven storeys

i woke up in the ceiling.
i was watching you from above repeat the feeling.
i could've made a movie out of us,
i swear i could've thrown the best curve
with every secret move you held in stack,
i woke up and i couldn't believe it.

i'm out of myself when they say i'm out to chase.
i should not be patient, oh i should be brave.
can anyone understand
that this is all i have and all i need?
it's not a long lost feeling
in the cupboard
next to the sink?
it's a memory and a hope,
it's hope, god damn it,
hope that one day things will be better for the two of us.
together, alone,
i don't care.

for the time being
and after everything i pulled through
you fade out wouldn't really mean an ending.
i can see through the glass now and i'm no longer waiting for my next move.
i'll stay quiet.
open, still, sticky eyelashes.
when you decide, i'll open my heart.
i'm wait for my time to come.