13:30, swimming

today i went swimming.
unilike the usual days this time
the pool was quiet and empty.
i arrived earlier but there was no clock
to check that i was right.

i swam slowly,
the water was warm
and felt like a blanket.
i wondered if anyone felt
the same way.

i dived to the bottom
stayed underneath
until my lungs felt like exploding,
and the diver inside me told me

in the end i
began to swim faster.
every stroke was harsh and my legs,
vibrated like crazy turbines without fuzz.
and i reached the end fighting,
thinking about neighborhood #1 (tunnels),
and about how i should
purify my mind.

and there i was,
swimming against warm tides,
skipping breaths,
waging a war no one asked for.

water was no longer a blanket but
the enemy i sought for.
when i reached the other end i sat on the edge
and everything was calm and still again.

i wonder whose head is also a battlefield.
mine is a mess.