holiday crashers

we were in starbucks 
listening to bob dylan
when they told me the
only thing you wanted was
a good fuck.

and suddenly i 
with all my fucking
experience in life,
felt threatened by a sixteen-year-old.

i guess i didn't want to
hear the stories they had to tell,
i guess they didn't want to
tell them themselves,

something does not feel right
about the way you fuck up
and cry.

this is all too premature
to know, even for me
some good bonds are 
new, i suspect there's 
much more to get to trust you.

i feel ashamed of 
being afraid, i feel
like an idiot for thinking that maybe 
you would want me,
i could like you,

but yet again
you seem to be
just like all the others
who i have met before.

i hope those guys 
were good enough for you
to make stories with them
(because they are also 
my friends)

and hopefully
i'll be there
to see you grow up.