a love letter to the ocean

oh for how long have we been parted!
i guess you never miss me 
as much as i do.
i crave for you every night.

your touch is oh so cold;
staring back at me with the sharpest
kind of weapon salt can offer.
i guess you never understood my reasons.

maybe that's why when i stand too close
your sand pulls my feet beneath,
i wish i would let you swallow me whole,
i wish i could drown in you...

you are the wildest, most precious
deadly beautiful
piece of existence that has ever been.
with you i feel free.

in your company dear i feel
light as a feather,

this is what you have done to me,
now i don't have you.
but i promise one day
we'll be closer,

we'll be closer to the bottom
to the horizon
to the changing tides.
but the future seems so slow.