vices and virtues/whatsapp messages

some guy wanted to 
get near me and I just 
yanked away, scared
then I wonder why I never got a date.

jesus I'm scared of humans.
the rest doesn't keep me sleepless.
only humans,
humans and their skin, their stubbles
and germans;

humans and their tvs,
their broken ankles,
their reproductive apparatus,
their thirst for young blood;

humans and their devices,
humans being deceived,
collective, massive,
and alone.

in shopping centres,
on the phone,
at school,
inside a bathroom 
behind closed doors.

I'm scared of people and 
their misconceptions,
of people and their quickness to judge,
their intolerance for the weaker, the stronger, or the stranger.

I like their art, I like their music and 
their buildings, I like their pets
and their books. 
I like humans who do not like humans,
who help me comprehend that 
it is normal to be one
and hate oneself
all the same.

I like their drugs, their deadly vices
their pleasures and their myths,
their wars and stories, but not in action.
inmortalized for the sake of sanity, for
my own understanding and observation.

I could go on, on and on,
but seemingly I'm not the only one
and nobody cares.

I guess I'll wait for him to text again.