the hostility of just not caring/religious ways

the preachers have been promising us
more than we could bare to hear.
in town this men and women
are nothing like the ones we are used to.

if it was my mistake
or the lord's mistake
I don't care.
ignorance is bliss.

the only thing I appeal to
in religion
is forgiveness.
what I need, and I just can't have.

my intentions are pure.
but who's got more authority
over my will
than my own ethics?

there's no forgiving to
my love.
I beg, for my life,
your acceptance.

my mistakes are solely
reflections of
the rage I have
to struggle with inside.

there's no control when
the human (or animal) instinct kicks in.
I'm just trying not to be
the weakest human being.

if someone was judging me,
oh I'd be to blame.
but the self inflicted damage
is already more than I can bare.