stranger's disease

"i wish i believed you when you said that this was my home"



you could really use a shrink

my dad
broke up with his girlfriend
and she
and my step sister
he lost contact with his family:
his father
his mother
the woman who cleaned the house quitted.
but he lost me a long time ago.
he lost everyone
who cared about him.

at least he's still got a job.

now the house is a mess.
the cat barely gets fed.
we barely talk.

the icing on the cake was
the two month voyage
across the
atlantic ocean.

he lost it all
when he was about to achieve
his dream.
he traded it all
for a caprice.

I think is a tragedy
but as far as I am
this tragedy is not mine.

it's selfish
but true.
when you step out
of your box
there are worse
than yours.

but I don't need
to know that.

maybe it's
for self-preservation.

(but everything I do
is for self preservation:
not getting angry
lacking sympathy
and empathy
being absent
being omniscient
and really
just not giving
a fuck.)

I wonder if he's having

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