strobe light

something in the way
you move around me
or the way your affection climbs on me
seemingly unwantedly

it was fine at first
maybe it was part of the
'getting to know each other better'
   well I can't deny I didn't want you to

but times changed
and now I just can't simply feel the same
about how you think love is weird
and yet how you react to me is completely opposite

I've got theories you see
I find things while you're asleep
I'm not a spy
but I certainly can see things no one else can

or maybe no one suspects
given by recent facts maybe I'm not watching the whole picture
should I dare to ask?

what is it?
how did you tie this knot around me?
I am too afraid of saying things I should not say
I'm worried about effects

mostly on you
under the strobe light you just watched me too much
I wondered if you are happy
   (if I make you happy)

what is it
I don't know
I don't dare ask
I just don't know how