string theory II

have I ever told you about
the strings theory?
I think I made it up
I'm not sure
too much time on the train platform

too much time and too many buses
made me realise about one and only thing
we are connected

by strings
some of them stronger than others
some of them unknown 
some weary
and always, always breakable

and these strings knit up
not a coat
but maybe a soul
which resides not in us

but in everything we are
and by everything I mean everyone
strings are made of people who are made of people

you are as much as me as I am of you
we are the same
some threads vary
but look at how many strings we share

and maybe tightening the knots takes time
I know
I really want you to think about it

think about people
think about love, hate, fear
think about it all and see how absurds life seems to be
when we are all the same things
simple strings
then why are we lovers and enemies?

well, I haven't yet discovered
help me find out