it's about time

I love you
you're cute
and I like your smile
and I love it when I make you smile
you're like contagious
I always need more of you to be okay
I don't know how to say this
but I contemplate your stupidly perfect face
and then I just suddenly see your eyes watching me
and it makes me love you a little bit more
and I took so many pictures of you
oh jesus I have so many pictures of you
and many memories
and I just love that you
are going through the same
things as me
I love the fact that you like me as I am
even if I'm still far away
my fingertips
get closer
get closer
I love you and I'm sorry
I've muttered I hate yous your way
five hundred times
truth be told
I'm deeply in love with you
and I want to smash my head against a wall
because it hurts to be
like this
and knowing you've hurt me before
but I love you I love you I love you
I haven't been in love for such
a long
and this is so long and stupid and it's late
but I just hope you can get to trust (love) me
as much
as I do
(or want to do)