maybe lately
she has been doing things
to make the dizziness go away
and unluckily she hasn't gone through it

maybe lately
he's been crying himself to sleep
or he's too tired to get out
of the bed

maybe lately
so many things have happened
we hold on tight like
ships in a storm

but there's no anchor
to the ground
we stand on

and maybe lately
someone has been looking at you
with affection and affliction
because they want you to see through

I blame the sun for forgetting
all those funny things we used to do
until life was set in front of us
like there was nothing left to prove

they say no theorems should be learned by heart
but all leassons are mechanized
to avoid thinking too much

and sincerely that's all I do,
I don't learn at school
I don't think I'll ever will

I think I'll just stop and stare
and try dechiper what everyone's got to say
but I'm no preacher
I'm just a listener

in the hope someday I'll be heard
maybe someday