afterlife drabbles

it was rather strange to me today, when I finished a long series of complicated algebra calculations, how not only my head hurt, but how I suddenly the recess had come and how I was still sitting in my place with everyone surrounding me. And when I raised my head from the books and looked into my friends' eyes, I suddenly felt out of my place. I remembered the fact that I was a human being who interacted with other people, and my soul was immediately sucked out of my carcass. I realised I wasn't only a body and a person, I was a spirit trapped in a cage. And later on when I fell asleep in class, I tried to cover myself with the blanket, thinking I was at home. I dreamt I was at the sea, where I belong. I had only slept for two minutes, and I floated in the ocean for 30 seconds. And those 30 seconds brought me back to life. I swear, I felt soaked when I woke up. Those two episodes showed me two things: there are no strings attached to anything, and that you can time-travel. Yes, that was as close as I could get to knowing what the afterlife is about.