dormant eyelids now flutter.
but they never close.
no they can't close against dripping windowpanes.
they can't shut off the headache.
i got the memo,

it's fucking annoying
i'd make it stop if i could

i have been wondering: what is the root of all my evils?
is it you?
or is it me?
or is it something i can aim my blame at?
because if i was to blame,
oh dear we're going down to hell
with a one way
business class ticket

shit if i KNEW i was going to hell
i'd throw the biggest ass party
in the whole planet
just so you could see me crumble

ah i think about this
all the time
what are my miseries:
lack of conflict
lack of commitment
lack lack lack lack lack

i wish i could hear your voice in drunken messages but it's dead it's long gone it's no longer yours.