she asked the most obvious question,

"will he break my heart?"

with a heavy conscience i had to be honest,

"of course he will.

he'll break your heart a millon times.

that scares us.

he'll break it, and also will the next guy.

after a few inches of snow the heart begins to grow fonder of the body it is in.

and after a few years it's plain simple that no one

not even him,

will break your heart."

"and how do i do this?"

"it's not easy,

no it's not.

you gather yourself together

and you suffer.

you lie awake at night thinking about him

(believing he is sleeping like a baby)

and pretend you don't have feelings.

you fake it till you make it,

then it's all a question of practice.

or maybe you're lucky and you don't care

about small modern things

like read reciepts or last seens

or maybe cryptic facebook statuses

but those are strong people and hard to find.

we are not strong

and we are not good.

sometimes heartbreak has got nothing to do with the evil within.

it goes beyond it."