okay so if i ever leave this town remind me not to take with me only the parts i like. that way i could only suffer. good memories are necessary but if i can't remember crying or being heartbroken in the same corner i was once kissed, then what's the whole point of leaving? i know i'll miss home terribly. oh yeah i may not be romantic, but boy my heart does quiver when the sun goes down in this concrete nightmare. the buses are the worst and there's this traffic i hate; everyone screams at odd hours and i've got the alarms settled deep in my brain. probably this will repeat itself in other places. i can't escape it. no matter where i find myself next there will be suffering and joy, but if i don't remember the pain that made me, then who am i? if i ever leave, remind me to pack the city alongside my luggage so i may never feel the need to come right back.