a future concept

i graduate. i graduate and i feel that sense of relief of finally being a major. i have two jobs, not because i particularly need them, but because they don't take up a full day so i can work in both. now i'm a major with two jobs, a small flat in some place i'd like to live, with a lot pf plants in the kitchen. the apartment is old and weary, there are leakages in the kitchen ceiling that come from my neighbor above, but nothing to worry about. i don't have pets, i don't have a boyfriend, but i don't feel alone. i've learnt to enjoy my own company. at the end of the day when i get home and get to enjoy playing a record while i work out or take a shower and read. money is not a problem. i can afford living comfortably, and save up, maybe for a car, mostly to travel. i have a good relationship with my university mates and my other friends. i have a good relationship with my parents. i get to maintain a weight i feel comfortable in. i get to drink wine on friday nights and go on dates with guys.