put romeo to rest

do you know what hell looks like?
well hell is dancing with the devil
handcuffed to your own deathwish
waltzing around the grave you dug for yourself.
hell's got blue eyes and a thing for
people like me,
hell's your best wishes and your best friends.
it's the things you love the most,
stabbing you in the back.
it's the life you want the most,
turning its back.
do you know what hell looks like?
it looks like you when you forget my name,
when I struggle to find a way to reach out
and come out empty-handed.
hell is pretty much like drowning
in your own fatelessness.
that's why I can't trust the prettiest faces
and I see no calm inside the eyes of those who love me;
well sometimes I even see myself.
there are holes in my stomach
and a line of burned out cigarettes.

the devil's got your smile
and it's got your name.
god knows I fucked up,
that's why you're my one mistake.