does your phone work?

I have been hungry
for an entire day
and I'm not enjoying it.
the lightbulb of my room
I have discovered
is the cause of the
that doesnt allow me
to sleep
so lets check:
no eating
no sleeping.

the woman on the
bus was reading
john green.
I liked john green until
freshmen started writing
quotes of his books
in bathroom stalls.
bathroom stalls,
like buses,
are sacred to me.
I am alone when I am not.

my sister has cancer.
I wore my flowery skirt again.
there was a warm breeze.
she cried because she
cant get out of
the hospital.
well, I don't think the
outside world
holds much good.
but I have not been
trapped in a hospital bed
for a month and
a half.

we watched v for vendetta
because it's my favorite movie.
my sister was still crying.
I wish I could start a revolution
against everything that causes her wrong
but I'm tied to behaving
and I'm tired of being strong.

I was still wearing my flowery skirt
when dad drove me home.
I talked about fallacies.
he blamed me for not being there
when my sister was diagnosed.

lets check again:
no sleeping
no eating
no forgiveness.

I arrived home
mum told me
the noise came from
the fan.
it had been on for
more than a month.
she said I could have
set the house on fire
or worse.

I feel so good right now
I could probably
write a book.