c a r p e d i e m

I decided I don't want to be
I've lived in the past
long enough
to see what
I'm missing out.
the present is
the most important thing
in this world
and I just can't believe
I've missed out
for so long
because now is all I have
and for nothing in this world
I will forget the past
but I won't let it make me.
I am nothing but the moment
I exist, the rest
is up to consideration.
I am everything,
I can be anything.
limits are infinite.

today (now!) was the moment
that I realised about the important
of the so clich├ęd phrase
"seize the day"
because the day is
a struggle,
night after night
and I'm not going to let it rest
if I can't leave the past behind.

this is the moment.
the only moment.