millionaires do not hit me

a debate opens
and someone says
"millionaires do not hit on
their children because
they have money."
well babe I'm
no millionaire but
I'm sure my basic needs
are more than covered.
and I'm also sure
that though my physique
remains intact
my own family
tells me
I have mental issues.
that I'm an idiot.
that I'm to blame.
that I'm not capable of
doing things because
I'm fat. or way too anxious.
and when
I tell them
I suffer from domestic violence
nobody cares
they have never seen me
with a broken arm.
or a violet eye.

I wonder if they
ever saw
the scars on my wrists
or the bags under my eyes
or whatever is
it I do
to punish myself.

but millionaires do
not hit on their children.
they give you money, honey.
and that's from where
you buy your drugs.

maybe it's the same.