reason no.2

"I could've had friends, yes, but the people in my class looked at me with pity, with sadness. It made me sick. That compassion made me want to threw up. They wanted to help me with I don't know what, more than once they came to talk to me telling me that if I wanted help, they would be there to listen. But with those showings of caring and everything, I realized they just said it to feel better with themselves, to actually have that little place in their mind where they could pin up a paper that said “today I helped Samantha Crowl” when they actually didn't. They did that because they wanted to hear how good their voices sounded when they were trying to do something for other people (in vain). So I got to understand them. They talk more than they wanted to listen, and I was the other way around. I said little words and listened to everything."